Pitbull’s Temperament

Assassins or Loyal Friends

I am a psychologist, and I would say that I chose this career because I was always interested in human behavior and at the same time, I was intrigued by animal conduct.

I am a proud Pitbull’s owner, it has been said that these dogs are the most aggressive, they are even called “assassins” which is a hype, the fact is this is just misinformation and confusion. Along this path I am going to share with all of you my own experience and the whole process to understand and rise the perfect Pitbull.

The basis is to understand their physical characteristics and their temperament, and every Pitbull’s owner or any dog’s owner must do an introspection to find out how my behavior affects my dog’s conduct.

Cesar Millan the most famous dog’s trainer says “I train first owners and then dogs”

Cesar Millan ‘The Dog Whisperer”

Physical Characteristics

Weighing up to around 60 pounds, standing between 17 and 21 inches, is all muscle, has a medium-length head, broad skull and flat, and a long wide snout with 60 tons per bite which makes his bite tremendously powerful.


Dominant, affectionate, friendly, loyal to his family, loves children, love sports and has tons of energy.

Unfortunately, in the past was used as a fighting dog and is where started the misconception about the Pitbull’s, because some cruel people was used to abuse of their strength and also bad press releases started to misinform people and scared them based on exaggerations.

The fact is that a Pitbull is like any other dog, they attack only when they feel threatened or when they are raised in a violent environment. The difference with other dogs is given by their strength and the size of the snout with tons of pressure for each bite, causing more damage than a small dog, however this will never happen whit a Pitbull raised with love, discipline, exercise and respect.

Pitbull’s are like any other animal, they can perceive energy, and for them only the present exists, for instance they need a balanced owner to help them to face situations. For example, I have realized that if you feel stressed or are scared in front of other dogs, or any other animal, you are triggering the same reaction into your dog. It is important being aware about our behavior when we are close to our dogs.  If you want a balanced and calm dog, you must be a calm and balanced leader to control your Pitbull.

Positive tips and ideas to raise a balanced Pitbull

  1. Always keep calm when you stay around them, dogs perceive an anxious person and they only follow and respect a balanced leader.
  2. Do as much exercise as possible in open spaces to drain energy levels, if Pitbulls do not have an enough amount of exercise, they tend to eat shoes and anything on their way.
  3. Give love, but never let your Pitbull make tantrums, they are dominant so they need to know their place in the pack, and you must be the leader.
  4. Feed your pet properly, twice a day it is a good amount of food, some dogs could become aggressive for lack of food.
  5. To train your Pitbull never kick them, be violent or use objects to infringe pain, they perceive aggression and give back aggression because you are scaring them, you must use only a firm voice and treats.

To sum up if you are thinking about adopting a Pitbull or you already have one to raise, make sure to be a balanced leader in any situation, give them love, do a lot of exercise with them, feed them properly and gain their respect, with that you will have the most loyal friend.

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