The truth about Pitbull’s diet

Are we poisoning our dog?

Around this topic there are some myths and facts, it has been said that some fruits, vegetables, even dried fruits and dairies are poisonous for our fluffy friends.

These days it is also common to hear many myths about Pitbull’s daily diet, most people say that once a day is fine, on the other hand most people say that two or three times a day is the perfect amount, but who is right? And how can we work out the perfect amount of food for our Pitbulls? Today I will tell you, according to my experience, what is the best food and how to feed them. So, go ahead with that.

All Pitbull’s owners must be aware about the following details:


Puppies should eat three times a day. When I went to the vet, he told me that three times a day is the right amount of food, because they need all the nourishing food as possible. The reason is that they are growing and are so curious to explore their environment and need a lot of energy to do so.

Puppies at this time of their lives are growing, and it is really important to feed them with high-protein and low-grain food, being meat the first ingredient. Pitbull’s are created in laboratories and they are intolerant to wheat, potatoes and corn. If you feed your dog with those products your fellow will spend a really bad time, once by mistake I fed mine with corn and she threw up all night long.

In my experience, fresh meat in the morning and vegetables are the best for them, helping them to grow healthy and happy, the lunch could be kibbles and at night the same. It is important to accustom them since they are puppies to eat natural and canned foods, the reason is because it is healthier, I have noticed that if they eat only canned foods, they begin to develop some digestive problems.

When they become in young adults and adults the normal amount of food that they need is two times a day. The exception is when they are doing some kind of special training and need to develop more muscle, in this case, the trainer will recommend some especial vitamins, but for the average Pitbull twice a day it is fine always combining kibbles and natural food.

In order to talk about natural foods, some are prohibited for our pets, so should be avoided. As we know that they love to gobbledygook whatever they are seeing that we are eating, many times the owners tend to feel guilty for not sharing with them and finally give them small pieces of food. That used to include me!!!

This act brings many problems such as overfeeding our pets and the most dangerous fact is that sometimes we can poison them with: grapes, chocolate, nuts, avocado, milk and bread, the reason is that they do not have the same digestive enzymes as humans, therefore, they can not get rid of this food and, of course, they get sick. The majority of the times, it takes us a long time to realize that we are poisoning our dogs, because it takes many days to seriously affect them.

Daily amount of exercise

Our naughty friends love to run, play and stay active all day, so it is important to feed them with a large amount of proteins and no carbohydrates, if they eat carbs, they will be poisoned and in addition will gain unnecessary weight. In this cases they tend to feel depressed and sleep too much, because their bodies do not allow them to exercise. If you are seeing your Pitbull sleeping too much and gaining weight, keep in mind that it is a warning signal, you need the help of an expert.

On the other hand, if your Pitbull is active and eats properly but is losing too much weight, it means that your pet needs additional vitamins and only an expert could recommend the best ones for your Pitbull. Never overfeed them according to your own criteria, always attending the veterinarian is the best option.

Never change the routine of feeding them, in my opinion it works like in humans, the lack of food sometimes tends to make us mad, so it works in the same way with our Pitbulls, the lack of food turns sometimes into aggression!


Pitbulls are of medium length, so the amount of food that can be consumed for them is twice a day according to my veterinary’s opinion. He told me that for the average Pitbull a full cup is enough each time. In my experience, I totally agree, they show good energy throughout the day and they look great. Something curious that I have learned is that dogs never feel full, so they can eat tons, so we, as owners, are responsible for their well-being.

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