Pitbulls and Exercise

Should they look like Hulk?

It is important to remember that all Pitbull owners must be aware of how my behavior affects my dog’s conduct. Bearing this in mind, it is important to know that if you are an inactive person, maybe having a Pitbull is not the best option or you may need to change your routine and become in a more active person. Of course, you will ask why?

The answer is simple, Pitbulls are genetically predisposed to be active, as we saw in the second post about their physical characteristics, they are all muscle tissue, hence they need constant training. That is why they are always trying to play with us, this is just to lower their energy levels. If they can not train or do some sports, they get anxious.

If you are living in a large space like a farm and surrounded by animals, this is the perfect place for your Pitbull because they will be able to socialize with other animals and remain active all day, on the other hand if you are living with your dog in the City in a house or in an apartment, things could be different, because Pitbulls tend to feel stressed in closed spaces, even if your house has a backyard. For dogs these places are just like a big gaol.

When a Pitbull begins to feel imprisoned, he tends to show anxiety, and you will witness some of these attitudes:

  1. Scratches and holes everywhere, could even scratch your furniture
  2. Increased urination
  3. Panting for no reason
  4. Crying begging to go out
  5. Urinating or defecating inappropriately even if trained properly
  6. Most irritable with sounds and with their environment
  7. Biting self mainly the tail

In my experience, all Pitbulls love to run freely to explore their world, so when you are living in the city, the following tips will be useful if you want to live with a balanced Pitbull instead of an anxious one:

  1. Exercise them at least twice a day for one hour, a good walk in the morning and another at night is perfect for them. Sometimes, the weather can be difficult in Canada, so a good option could be to use a treadmill with your dog twice a day, this routine will help them to reduce their energy levels and stay calm.
  2. Buy for them some special toys made with rubber, with which they will eliminate all the anxiety biting something.
  3. If your dog has tons of energy despite all the exercise, you could use some special weights designed for dogs, you can find a pair for them at a pet shop.
  4. If your Pitbull must spend time alone, the perfect place is a backyard with toys to entertain and for exercise him. Remember that they need physical and mental exercise.
  5. Never let Pitbull alone or chained in a small space, they tend to go crazy and that is when some attacks happen with any dog breed, lack of food and incarceration are the worst combination of all.

The average Pitbull has no defined muscles, as some pictures portrait, however, some owners for sure will love to see their Pitbull looking like Hulk.

It is important to know that to obtain these results, your dog must undergo intensive training with specialized coaches for dogs, sometimes it is way too much for them and that reduces their life time. They must take some special food supplements and vitamins that in most cases cause cancer.

To be honest I disagree with such a hard training for them, because in some cases this is a way to mistreat them just for:

  1. Be in the fad with a muscled Pitbull
  2. To show a very muscular dog
  3. To brag a dog that frightens
  4. Competition about their bite or strength

All these points make no sense and has no real purpose, so if you want to have a happy, nice and balanced Pitbull just long walks, normal games and love are more than enough for them.

Remember that Pitbulls only understand the language of love and respect!

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