The scariest moment for our Pitbull

The Veterinary

If you are a Pitbull or a dog’s owner, you should realize that this is the scariest moment for our dogs and they hate to go to the vet, but why? The reason is simple, it is because our pets always associate the vet with a painful moment such as vaccination, cleaning teeth or ears and so on. At the same time, it is common to always repeat the same routine.  For example, we tend to put the leash on our dogs, sometimes we even use their muzzles and turn on our car and try to get our dog into it. The whole environment is stressful, and we create a pattern that scares our dog.

Those are the main reasons to take our dog to the vet:

  • Diarrhea
  • Inappropriate urination
  • Tooth cleaning.
  • Nail cutting.
  • Vaccination
  • Shower
  • Skin problems
  • Digestive problems

In this post I will share with you all what I experienced with the veterinarian and how to reduce the anxiety in our dogs when attending the veterinarian and make a pleasant experience instead of a more terrifying and horrible situation for us and for our friends

When we have a puppy, the first step is to choose a renowned veterinarian in our city, for that we must first do an investigation on the Internet and we can also use word of mouth for that. We must be aware that the veterinarian is the dog’s doctor, so never choose one for the price, because the life and health of our dog will be in their hands.

When we attend the veterinarian, we must take advantage of the visit and ask all the possible questions about our Pitbulls, whether it be about feeding, exercise, cleaning, vaccination and so on. Because sometimes in our homes we usually treat our dogs as family members, and we can make the mistake of giving them our medications. Please never do that because it could be dangerous, even deadly for our dogs. We must remember that dogs do not have our same system, for that reason, our medicine will never work in the same way with Pitbulls. You should always ask the expert.

It is common that when we say “vet”, our dogs begin to tremble, or cry out loud because they do not want to go, but how can we make a pleasant experience instead a traumatic moment by going to the vet?

  • Never repeat the same routine, dogs always associate situations, in this case, if you are replicating the same routine, your Pitbull’s anxiety will be increased.
  • Never use muzzles to take your Pitbull to the vet, many people think that this is a safety method, but this is incorrect. To be honest, I have noticed that this gadget tends to increase the levels of aggression because all the strength of Pitbulls is in its head and in its snout, so with the snout tied they feel without defenses and when the veterinarian takes it out , an attack may occur because the dog is nervous.
  • Never use the car always to take your dog to the veterinarian, you must use different transport methods to avoid the association with an unpleasant situation.
  • Sometimes we take dogs to the vet just for vaccination, so they are scared because sometimes they had a bad time after the injection. One option could be that the veterinarian could go to your home or do the process in a different place and not just at the veterinarian’s office.
  • Some Pitbulls love water, and others hate it, for that reason, if your dog hates water, do not take it to the vet for showers, it will associate this unpleasant moment with everything in that place.
  • Before going to the vet, try to give your Pitbull different treats, this will help them to relax and associate the moment with a pleasant experience.
  • Finally, socialize your Pitbull properly with the dogs at the veterinary center. Many Pit Bulls have a reputation that they do not deserve, a common stereotype is that Pit Bulls are aggressive, even many people tend to hide or try to protect their dogs when there is a Pitbull nearby. This is the worst, because you are causing a bad reaction in your dog towards the Pitbull and that is when a fight can start at the veterinarian’s center.

In short Pitbulls are like your mirror, so their behaviour depends on yours and how you manage the environment to make it a pleasant or an unpleasant situation!

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