Mastering the Pitbulls Walk

Does your dog constantly pull on leash?

Walking Pitbulls is sometimes a nightmare for its owners, the reason is simple, they are too dominant, and their strength is enormous, so in a few minutes, strolls became in game in which your dog is pulling you around everywhere, simply ignoring you and your orders.

Let’s face it!  Dogs that pull the leash are quite common and cause frustration in their owners because they do not know how to handle the situation, however with small dogs many people do not pay attention to the situation, because they are generally strongest than their pets and can control them with a leash, on the other hand with large dogs like Pitbulls pulling the leash is a big  problem.

It is important to know that regardless of the breed dog, you should not allow them to pull the leash, because you must be the leader of the pack, if your dog are actually pulling you when he is walking, it means in his mind that he is your leader, so that is the reason why they starts to ignore your orders and in open spaces it could be dangerous. You must make your dog respects you.

Today I will share my experience about walking Pitbulls and how to be a leader, making the walks a comfortable situation for both, because in many cases when owners feel that they cannot control their Pitbulls, they diminish the walks to avoid problems. However, this is the beginning of other complications such as anxiety, therefore, the solution is not to stop walking your dog, the solution is to learn to manage a good dog walk and today I will share with all of you many tips that really helped me when I started to walk my Pitbull.

  • Never put the leash on your Pitbull if he looks anxious, I mean if he is barking, running in circles, crying or making tantrums. Wait a few minutes to let your dog calm and try the leash. If you do not wait until your dog is in calm, they will associate the leash with anxiety, dogs must know to be calm before go out, if they are not calm they can not go out.
  • Once with the leash on, if the dog starts again with anxiety, never take out him in this mood, your Pitbull will pull the leash and sometimes start a fight with other dogs.  Wait a few minutes, so if he is calm, both can go out. Always remember stay ahead as a leader. If you feel anxious or nervous for the situation, do not go out because it increases the anxiety levels of your dog, remember that they just replicate our behavior. Both must be calm before going out.
  • If your Pitbull tends to pull the leash, don not use an harness with him, this just helps him to pull you easier, try with a short dog leash at the very top of his neck, it will help you to guide him easily and correct any inappropriate conduct.
  • Dogs love sniff, this is for mental stimulation, so let them do this, it is their mental exercise, but never let them to pull the leash to sniff, let them sniff in places that you consider are appropriate. Never stop leading, because if they pull the leash to sniff, they will pull you to get anything.
  • If you are doing everything right and despite the efforts your dog pulls the leash, watch out for the temperature of the pavement, many times we just go out and pay no attention to this, the paws are so sensitive, so if your Pitbull is feeling extreme temperatures, he will pull the leash to run away in order to avoid this uncomfortable situation.
  • Be careful when your dog pulls the leash to approach other dogs. It does not mean that you will feel nervous with all dogs, remember if you feel nervous your dog will catch this energy and you are triggering a fight. Instead of that in my experience, is better to be calm as a leader and first ask to the owners if you can approach your dog. Just because your Pitbull is friendly t does not mean that every dog will be.  Before approach other dogs you as a leader make him to wait and with your order he can play with the other dogs instead of letting him pull the leash to make friends.
  • Pitbulls and all dogs are so smart, for that at the end of the walk if the behavior was good enough and he did not pull the leash, you can give him some treats it will help him to know that to do not pull the leash is a good thing, on the other hand never give him treats if he had a bad conduct during the walk, because in this case will be counterproductive, they will associate a bad behavior with a prize.

Hopefully with these tips, your Pitbull will be the perfect companion for a long and pleasant walk!

2 thoughts on “Mastering the Pitbulls Walk

  1. Pawsome post🐾🐾
    Walking any large dog can be challenging but walking a pit bull that is not leash controlled is dangerous for the dog & you; not to mention how it can strengthen stereotypes that continues to create a bad reputation for a wagnificent breed.

    HuMom always starts with basic inside lessons or backyard lessons of sit, stay & come using a 6’ lead or longer. She uses small but good stinking treats or a favourite toy as reward.
    When out on our walkies she likes to give us pop-up test where she will ask us to sit & stay before we go any further; positive rewards are always followed.
    It can take some time to get this down smoothly but don’t give up. The journey increases both your bond & your communication skills🐾💜🐾

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