The Experience of Growing Up with Pitbulls

It is said that Pitbulls are not recommended for kids, because they are aggressive and their temperament tends to be unpredictable, but the truth is different. In my experience I can assure to everybody that Pitbulls are really good for children, they are affectionate, and they have this behavior also with adults. Pitbulls are like any other dog, is a hype when people say that they are disproportionately dangerous.

Personally, I grew up with Pitbulls and since I was a small child, I realized that these type of dogs are isolated and suffer a lot of prejudices from people just because of the breed, many people told me terrible things like one day my dog will lose his temper and a terrible attack may occur, but in my mind all those things made no sense because my dog was my playmate, he was my best friend, sometimes I even used him as a pillow and finally he was a friend who stays there for me when I was sad, so I always thought:  How could people say such a terrible things? For children that kind of comments from adults are meaningless and only hurts a lot.

As I said in my very first post, Pitbulls are balanced dogs, they really love being surrounded by people of any age, because they love being part of the pack, and contrary to what many people think, Pitbulls love children, the reason is children have tons of energy to play with them and they do not mind playing in the sun or in the sand. This breed of dogs is really protective, they tend to love young children like their own puppies, they are strong, but believe it or not! they know how to control their strength for example when they are with babies. When people say that Pitbulls must be isolated from children, I feel very sad for them, because they are missing the opportunity to grow up with an incredible best friend.

My doggy best friend died, and he had a daughter, I raised her in my house. I thought that my first Pitbull friend was so equilibrated and charming just for a stroke of luck! I listened terrible things my whole life, and to my surprise her daughter actually has the same behavior with kids and with everybody, she is so cherishing with babies and also with adults, she loves long walks and stay around people. This situation made me realize that the breed does not matter, Pitbulls reactions to other people depend on how you are you leading their upbringing. Pitbull’s instincts for kids are love and protect them, and of course, lots of fun and games.

I would like to give to all of you some reasons to let your kids live with a Pitbull and if it is possible to grow up with them, there is no need to worry if your pet is raised properly, it means in an environment full of respect and love, so here I go:

  1. Pitbull Temperament: They are always happy and in a good mood, so if you are having a bad day, nothing better than a smile from your Pitbull and hang out together, I am sure they can cheer anyone up in a few minutes. They are therapy dogs for children and adults.
  2. Pitbulls are Cuddling: Believe it or not! even the most trained and athletic Pitbulls love to be cuddled especially by kids, they love to stay for hours being cuddled, sometimes they jump on your lap because they do not realize that they are too big and heavy, and when they are surrounded by kids, they think they are one more and behave like them. They are so cute!
  3. Pitbull Loves Babies: Pitbulls love to stay with people and, as I said, they love babies and it is their instinct when they look at a baby they instantly start kissing or trying to play. This is a natural behavior. Many attacks occur but it is because their owners train their dogs to attack humans.  It is important to know that if a Pitbull or any other dog does not like other dogs, with humans their behavior is totally different, and as all dogs Pitbulls love children.
  4. Pitbulls Loyalty: Pitbulls are super loyal, you will have a friend for life. While Pit Bulls are not good guard dogs for your household, on the other hand the good thing is they love people so much, they may intercede if someone threatens their owners and reacts if someone is trying to inflict pain on kids.
  5. Pitbulls Grooming: It is maintenance is very low. They do not need to brush or cut their hair, and their fur is not allergic. This is a cheap pet to live with it and safe your children. Pitbulls do not need much care to stay happy and healthy. About exercise is not a problem, if you are living with children, your kid and your pet, both will be exhausted at the end of the day, because they spent too much time playing.
  6. Pitbulls Health: Pitbulls are strong and very energetic dogs, a balanced diet and exercise is enough to keep them healthy. They will not be a headache. In many cases, having a dog becomes a headache because it is like another child and its owners need a lot of money for the veterinarian, but this is not the case.

Finally, as I always said, the breed does not matter, everything depends on how you raise your dogs and how much they love you and respects you, remember Pitbulls only understand the language of Love and Respect.

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